This is a list of all the makeup I use almost daily/for work for those who are interested!

Tarte maracula concealer
Nyx bb cream
Bare minerals powder
Airspun powder
Make up forever hd white powder
Bare minerals bronzer/lorac bronzer
Sephora fuschia flash blush/nars blush in desire
Mac mineralize soft and gentle (highlight powder)

In case you missed this!

Anonymous asked:

When on stage how do you collect the money do they give you a chance to pick it up off the floor? I was always curious

If there’s not many tips I’ll usually pick it up myself, if there’s a lot a waitress will bring a bucket up and help collect them. They’ll usually bring it to the bar and count it for you too if you want, which is helpful so you can get back out to the floor as soon as possible, but it’s a little risky for me to do that because l don’t know all the waitresses therefore I don’t always trust that they won’t take some of my cash. The dj allows a couple seconds for this to happen before the next girl goes on stage.