Anonymous asked:

What shade is your foundation?

Tbh I don’t know I use bare minerals, I need to go to Mac to get my foundation matched again because I can’t find a match and it’s starting to be foundation season!

Ugh I fucked uppp I forgot to put in a new ring the day I was suppose to put a new one in, and I didn’t even remember until literally right after I had sex with my boyfriend on that same night. So I was like fuck because we don’t really use condoms and I took plan b but now I’m scared that it didn’t work and it’s only been 16 days so I have still have at least another 12 days until my period comes or doesn’t come and I’m just going to be so worried until then ughhh :(

I’ve taken plan b before and it’s worked fine, I mean I’ll be honest I’ve been in this position a couple times before and I’ve gotten lucky and not gotten pregnant but it just always worries me, the possibility that I won’t be so lucky this time :( I guess there’s always that chance….