Anonymous asked:

Do you trust your bf to not cheat? considering he travels a lot and shit.

He doesn’t really travel that much, like twice a year… Yes I trust him not to cheat because he is a good person and I trust his word and because he has no reason to cheat on me.

Anonymous asked:

I thought you had a boyfriend. Are you single? or is your boyfriend cool with you having sex with ASAP ferg?

I do have a boyfriend, which is the biggest reason why I didn’t stay with them last night lol. My boyfriend knows that I was backstage and that they were trying to get with me. I just wish that this didn’t happen to me in a sense because I’m not single and I feel like even though what did happened was an absolutely amazing experience it could have continued and been even more crazy and fun. So basically I just feel a lot of what’s ifs rn. And like ok, fucking ASAP ferg isn’t a huge accomplishment but at the same time, it’s ASAP ferg dude, and he was trying to get with ME 😋